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You can purchase online here through PayPal or if you are in the Bathurst area drop us an email & arrange for pick-up to save you on shipping cots if you like, as shipping will be automatically added to your order in PayPal.

All these blends are roasted for espresso, they work well with or without milk.

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Something to take you to that next level, notes of choc honeycomb sans the crunch.
Espresso style roast.

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A little fruit cake, a little mud cake, & some interesting spiced like flavours.
Espresso style roast.

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A smooth & mellow ride with notes of crushed up malt cookies, some nuts & a hint of citrus.

Espresso style roast.

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Notes of dark chocolate, cacao & cherries. Kinda like a cherry ripe without the desiccated coconut.
Super smooth.
Espresso style roast.