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Bean Fuelled

boutique coffee roaster

I got my first taste for coffee around the age of 5 or 6, I would get in from school & debrief the worries of the day with my Mum who would brew a sophisticated & cutting edge cup, which would involve taking some instant coffee, some boiling water & condensed milk, forget all the rest of the stuff that goes on in coffee circles….yes condensed milk was where it was at (not that there is anything wrong with it)!

Lacking Italian heritage, living in a small country town & growing up in an age before the internet, it took me many years before I discovered some of the more finer details of the world of coffee, believe it or not which did not involve condensed milk!

In any case Bean Fuelled is passionate about coffee, & we want to share that passion with you. We aim to bring you some of the best tasting beans from the four corners of the globe, & wherever possible we aim to bring you organic & ethically sourced beans.

Therefore we hope you enjoy this journey with us, & sampling some exotic flavours along the way, how fortunate we are!
Beans are sent through Australia Post.
250-500g = $ 7.85
750g-1.5kg = $12.75
1.75-3kg = $16.25

If you are in the Bathurst (NSW) area & want to avoid shipping costs drop me a line & we can arrange a pick time if you like.
We are happy to supply wholesale clients, if you are a cafe, hotel or some establishment wanting to offer a unique blend/s or some desirable single origin/s, get in touch via the link below & we would be happy to chat further about this.